Edguy, Tobias SammetIf you’d ask me which kinds of metal I like, power metal would be pretty far down on the list. But of course there’s always an exception to the rule, and for me this exception is Edguy (and Avantasia, for that matter). They are currently celebrating their 25th anniversary as a band with the best-of album Monuments and of course the accompanying tour. I went to see the shows in Hamburg and the day after in Bochum, and they proved once again that they deserve to be the exception to my powermetal-is-cringey-shit rule. Here’s why:

1. That voice!Edguy, Tobias Sammet

Whether you like him or not – you’ll have to admit that Tobias Sammet is one hell of a singer! His style of singing is the typical power metal style, but the sound of his voice has this unique shade that sets him apart from all the others. His range is impressive, and (in Hamburg even more than in Bochum) he belted every high note out with ease. Even though he kept complaining that the songs are so difficult to sing… 😆

“Stop interrupting me! I’m singing here! This is sport!!!“

2. They are dorks.

Edguy, Tobias ExxelI love bands that don’t take themselves too serious and have room for some humour in their shows. And you can definitely laugh a lot during an Edguy concert, at least if you can agree on Mr. Sammets sense of humour and don’t mind his endless talking and prattling. If you do…. well, then you should probably rather stay away from Edguy shows… but then, where else would you raise your devil horns while singing along to lyrics like “Lavatory Love Machine“?

Also, despite the omnipresence of Tobias and his ego, let’s not forget about the other guys in the band who seemed to be genuinely happy to be back on stage finally, after Edguy had had a long break from touring due to Tobias’ activities with Avantasia. And bands who have fun on stage are always fun to watch. Extra shoutout to bassist Eggi who pulls the weirdest faces while playing! 😆

“We’re gonna play old shit, new shit, semi-old shit…“

3. The songs

After 25 years,Edguy, Tobias Exxel, Tobias Sammet Edguy have lots and lots of hits in their back catalogue. Tobias Sammet and his bandmates are masters at writing simple and very catchy songs (he could probably make a fortune if he decided to use his talent to write songs for pop artists) but adding just enough little twists and fills to make them sound not simple at all. On the one side there are the dorky songs like Love Tyger, King of Fools or the above mentioned Lavatory Love Machine, but on the other (slightly more avantasian) side there are songs like The Piper Never Dies that add some drama to the set, so it never gets boring.

4. They are tight.

Edguy, Dirk Sauer, Tobias Exxel, Jens LudwigEdguy hasn’t had any line-up changes for 19 years now, and this fact shows in their live performance. It’s obvious that the chemistry in the band is very good, and they play very well together as a unit. Even if Tobias suddenly decides to interrupt a song for a spontaneous singalong, they find a way to get back on track without effort…

“I’ll count to four, then Felix will play that fill, ‘ratatata’, and then I’ll sing the pre-chorus… one, two, three, four!”
“I said pre-chorus, not guitar solo!!”

5. The audience

For all or some of or even more Edguy, Tobias Sammetthan the above mentioned reasons, the audience loves Edguy, so the atmosphere was on fire from the very first second. Of course Tobias kept demanding the crowd to scream even louder, but that wouldn’t even have been necessary because everybody was already singing and screaming at the top of their lungs. What a party, both nights (but Hamburg wins! 😁)

“They say the people of Hamburg are very cool and reserved… but then you come to Hamburg and it feels like you are in Brazil!”

Conclusion: two very enjoyable and entertaining nights both on the musical and the performance side.

Edguy, Felix BohnkeAnything to complain? Maybe.
First, even though every band member did a good job, you can’t help but imagine what an insanely good band Edguy would be if just the three (bass) guitarists played with even half the energy of Tobias Sammet and drummer Felix Bohnke (who basically hacks his kit to pieces every night).
Second – I mean, it was the Monuments tour, and on this compilation, they’ve released three new songs, which were even promoted with lyric videos. You would have thought that they would play at least one of them, right? No? Okay…


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